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New Baby Comes....So Many Questions!

  • Will we ever sleep again?

  • Will our child(ren) ever sleep again?

  • How do we keep our routine?

  • Why is my toddler acting out all of a sudden?

Bundle of Joy....sometimes when a new baby arrives in the family, everyone's routine is thrown off. Mommy and Daddy are sleep deprived, and if there's an older sibling, there might be some behavior or sleep challenges. We suddenly find a grumpy family instead of a happy, well rested family.

So, what can we do to fix this?

First of all, the infant stage is short lived, although it may feel like an eternity!

From the onset, try to establish a routine with your baby (and their older siblings). If you have a bedtime routine in place already, try to continue as best you can.

If you don't have a routine yet, now is the perfect time to begin! You can include the new baby; during the evening, wash the baby around the same time as bathtime, change the baby into pajamas, and dim the lights. You can continue with your regular routine with your older child(ren) and then finish taking care of the new baby.

Be mindful of practicing safe sleep habits for your new baby. The safest place for your baby is in their own sleep space, like a bassinet or crib. Always place your baby on their back when you put them down. All that is needed in the crib is a fitted sheet and a firm mattress.

Do you find that your toddler is acting out now that the new baby is here? Is your toddler waking at all hours of the night or refusing to go to sleep? Are you wondering why, since he seemed so excited for the baby to come? As reality sets in, your toddler realizes that he has to share mommy and daddy with someone else. And we know how hard it is for a toddler to share anything, especially mommy and daddy!

When your toddler feels left out, try to find a few minutes of 1:1 time with her. This can be as simple as reading a story together, or even an outing together on Saturday morning. Include your toddler with age appropriate tasks to help with the new baby. Maybe she can bring you a diaper or a clean burp cloth. Ask your toddler to sing a song to the baby when she's crying.

By including your toddler in taking care of the baby and giving her responsibilities, she will feel that she is still an important part of the family. This will help improve her behavior challenges, and she will become a happy and helpful big sibling. As she gets used to the baby in the house, and she feels more secure in her place in the family, her sleep challenges should resolve.

Need help establishing a routine? Have questions about your new baby's sleep? Are you concerned about your toddler's behavior or sleep challenges?

Contact me at any time! We can create a routine, make an age appropriate chart for your child(ren) that they can follow, problem solve toddler behavior challenges, and include the new baby in the family routine.

Sweet Dreams! 😴👶

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