Sleep Packages

Sleeping like a baby

Having trouble teaching your baby to sleep through the night is very common. At Slumberland Solutions we help you develop a plan using varied approaches to help your baby settle down and sleep through the night, as well as take regularly scheduled naps. 


We design individual STEP BY STEP PLANS specifically for YOUR BABY that will:


  • Create a consistent bedtime routine;

  • Design a proper sleep environment for your baby;

  • Explore age appropriate techniques and methods for successful sleep training;

  • Discuss what to do when your baby wakes in the middle of the night;

  • As well as many other tips for successful sleep training.

We will help you develop a bedtime routine that will teach your baby how to sleep through the night so you and your family can get the rest you all deserve. 

FOR A FREE CONSULTATION and more information please call Carla Perl at 914.391.8949 or email slumberland solutions.

*All Sleep Packages expire three months from purchase date. Payment must be made in full before any plan is started.

Phone and Email Packages

For more information on sleep package plans, please contact Carla Perl at 914.391.8949 or email slumberland solutions.

Newborn Sleep

Training Package $150

Ideal for expectant parents & newborn babies up to 12 weeks old.

This is a great package for parents who want good sleep habits and routines right from the start.  We will discuss newborn sleep patterns and what to expect during the first three months. Makes a great shower or welcome baby gift for the expectant mom.  

Package Includes:

  • 1 hour private phone consultation to help lay the foundation for good sleep habits and what to expect during the first three months of life,

  • Suggestions for creating a sleep-friendly space,

  • Techniques to help your baby learn how to fall asleep independently.

  • Sample schedules to help you navigate through these first few months.

  • Three emails/texts to use at your convenience. ​

Emails/texts expire one year from purchase date of plan.

Customized Sleep

Training Package  $400

Ideal for babies 4 months and older.

This package is customized specific to your baby's sleep routine and challenges. We offer 1:1 support to teach your baby how to fall asleep independently. This package will give you the confidence you need to make smart decisions to help your baby develop good sleep habits and routines. 

Package Includes: 

  • 1 hour private phone consultation to review and address all of your questions related to your baby's sleep challenges.

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your baby and his/her sleep troubles including schedules.

  • A customized sleep plan for your baby/child based on the evaluation and our conversation.

  • Information related to your customized sleep plan.

  • Unlimited email/text/call support for two weeks.

Maintenance Consultation $200

If you do not feel the need for a complete sleep training plan, but do have questions or concerns about your baby's sleep routine, or maybe you have hit some bumps in the road, then a maintenance consultation is just what you need. We will schedule a mutually convenient phone or Skype/FaceTime consultation to discuss your questions and concerns. Changes in sleep routines due to regressions, illness, travel, or day care can all be identified and resolved.

Package Includes:

  • 1 hour private phone consultation to address your concerns and/or discuss the setback.

  • Develop a plan to get back on track.

  • One additional week of emails/texts to get you and your family back to a healthy sleep routine. 


A La Carte Packages

Add 1 week of email/text support to any package $100


Hourly Phone, Skype, FaceTime consultation in addition to email/text support  $100 per hour

(does not include sleep training plan)

Additional services and customized packages available upon request.


Please contact Slumberland Solutions for further information and to discuss your baby's sleep challenges and needs.