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My Philosophy

I believe a child can never be spoiled by too much love. My philosophy is that a child should be comforted when upset and responded to within a reasonable amount of time. I also firmly believe in giving a baby and a child routines and boundaries. This is especially important at bedtime. Bedtime should be a happy and fun experience for you and your child. Neither of you should be dreading this time of day; you should all be anticipating the routine for “night’s beginning” and "day's end". 

My Story
Need a healthy sleep routine?


Welcome to Slumberland Solutions. I look forward to meeting you and your baby.


I am the mom of three beautiful children: two boys and one girl. I had my children very close together, and I realized early on that sleep was key to a smooth-running household (and my sanity). So I was very diligent about instilling good sleep habits in my children. Nana, my mom, inspired me to create early bedtime routines and follow consistent schedules. To this day, my kids are all good sleepers and understand the benefits of a good night's sleep. 

As my family was growing, many of my friends would ask me how I was able to keep everything under control. I quickly realized that because I had such a consistent routine, my children always knew what was coming next, and bath time and bedtime struggles were few and far between. As my friends looked on, I started offering them support; helping them establish routines and giving them recommendations. This has led to my interest in becoming a Pediatric Sleep Consultant and the birth of Slumberland Solutions. 

I am here to help YOU and your family create a loving and happy bedtime routine. 

Sweet Dreams,

Carla Perl

Slumberland Solutions

My Training
Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant


Certified Positive Encouragement Educator


WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! My 8 month old was still not sleeping through the night despite my best efforts. I have read all major books on how to get your baby sleep through the night and was successful with getting my first son to do so, but despite that I could not get my second to. I called Carla and she was AMAZING. After talking to her and implementing her techniques and two tough nights, my son was SLEEPING through the night by night THREE!!! She was such an immense help, and could confidently and quickly answer my questions. I have recommended her to so many friends and family. I only wish I had found her sooner. Thank you Carla! - Amelia
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