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Kids Social Skills Workshop

Practice makes... progress...

Give your child Kids Social Skills (KiSS) for the confidence to start school with the social skills and tools he needs to have a successful year. 

* Does your child need help with social skills?

* Does he/she know how to make new friends or ask questions?

* Is your child sensitive to other's feelings? 


Join us for an 8-week workshop where we learn how to make friends, how to talk and listen, and understand social cues so we're school​ ready!


     For more information please call Carla Perl at 914.391.8949 or click the link below.

8 Week Workshop

Materials Included

In person workshop for groups of 6 - 8 students


3 Locations: 

Or create a custom pod of your own at a location convenient for you!

*Payment due by start date


Activities include:

What are Social Skills?

*Making Friends

*In school Behavior

*Lego building


​and much more!​

Pound Ridge, NY
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Custom Pod
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North Salem, NY
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Please contact Slumberland Solutions for further information and to discuss your family's challenges and needs.

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