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Did your child start #Kindergarten this fall? Enter KiSS, a new program created by Carla Perl

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Give your child Kids Social Skills (KiSS) for the confidence to start school with the social skills and tools (s)he needs to have a successful year. * Does your child need help with Social Skills? * Does he/she know how to make new friends or ask questions? * Is your child sensitive to other's feelings? Join us for an 8 week workshop where we learn how to make friends, how to talk and listen, and understand social cues so we're Kindergarten​ ready! More about this program: The program was created by certified educators right here in our local community! It's geared for Pre K through 2nd graders to help them navigate social skills in and out of the classroom. If your young student needs a boost of confidence in school and social situations, then this class is for them. Does your child struggle with appropriate social skills in some situations? We use storytelling, age appropriate activities, and role playing to help your child learn how to navigate friendships and classroom behaviors using gentle and kind techniques. Some of the areas we discuss include: *Do's and Don'ts for making friends. *How to join a group of children playing together. *How to initiate a conversation. *How to keep a conversation going. *How to resolve a dispute with a friend. *How to ask questions. And much more... Help your child say, "I'm ready for school" the KiSS way!

**Teachers are 100% COVID -19 vaccinated. **We practice all CDC COVID - 19 protocols.

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