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Does My Family Need Gentle Sleep Training?

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Sleep training is getting all sorts of kudos! Did anyone see the New York Times article by

Sleep training doesn't have to be heart wrenching or difficult. The key is to create a healthy sleep routine, and STICK TO IT!

As Dr. Canapari recommends, establishing consistent bedtime routines helps your children anticipate what's expected of them, and they will achieve their goals. Helping them learn how to fall asleep independently helps them transition between sleep cycles because they have the necessary skills and tools to put themselves to sleep without looking for Mommy and Daddy or other sleep props.


*Establish a healthy bedtime routine.

*Be consistent with your methods and techniques.

*Put to bed awake and calm.

As a pediatric sleep consultant and mom of 3 children, I have used many methods and techniques. My families/clients have the most success when they use gentle sleep training methods, and have the proper support to help them achieve success.

Does Gentle Sleep Training mean there are no tears? No, but the difference with using a GENTLE approach is that you will respond more often and at shorter intervals. In this way, you're not letting your child become too hysterical; you're stopping the tantrum before it starts.

Why does my baby or toddler have to cry if I'm using a gentle sleep training approach?

It's important to remember that the way a baby communicates is by crying. And, a toddler's vocabulary and communication skills are limited. So, where does that leave us? With a crying child! Keep in mind, if your baby or toddler is crying, it's probably because he isn't getting what he wants - YOU! With Gentle Sleep Training, you're teaching him independence and building self confidence, which are lifelong skills that will be used in all aspects of your child's life. How great is that?

If you want to discuss your child's sleep or behavior challenges, I'd love to speak with you. We can work together using phone/FaceTime and achieve successful results.

Sweet Dreams! 😴👶

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