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Dads are important....

Father's Day is this weekend, and while Moms get A LOT of credit for taking care of their families, Dads deserve to be acknowledged, too.

Here is a recent post by Katie Couric Media outlining the importance of dads in the family dynamic. While dads are a key element in the family, according to this article, their roles need to be improved.

For example, moms state that they need more support while breastfeeding. In other words, they need help with household chores, caring for other family members, or even having someone care for them. This is where it's so important for dads to step up, and take on an active role in family responsibilities.

Another study shows that 99% of dads help with bedtime and putting babies to sleep, but a frightening number shows that only "16% adhered to the methods recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics." It's so important for all caregivers to understand healthy and safe sleep practices*, especially in infants under 12 months.

*Please reach out to me at any time if you have questions about safe sleep practices for babies.

Another disparity for fathers is the lack of support in the workplace. Fathers deserve paid time off and should have the same resources as mothers in the workplace, such as changing tables in restrooms and quiet feeding areas.

We've come a long way for both mother's and father's rights at home and in the workplace, but we still have more work to do. It's important to involve, educate, and provide resources for both parents.

If you have questions about your family's sleep or behavior challenges, need support with educating caregivers about healthy sleep practices, or just want to chat, reach out at any time.

Let's celebrate our superstar dads! Happy Father's Day weekend!

Sweet Dreams! 😴👶


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